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I'm a little confused

I'm confused what this OCC account Is even for I see that it's a seed bank Now I don't see anything about seeds

It's just a forum mate with no one it except me and you it's bollocks

so no seeds... waste of time.. ?

Got the same happen to me. No seeds! CRAZZZZYYYY!!
you have to go on therev website which has list of seeds
This is for people who have ? About seeds and growing tips.
Guys you can stop commenting on a ?? That's been answered for months and I have heard from trusted breeders not to purchase any seeds from Spain or over seas in the least that people from the USA was receiving trash genetics and that they where not getting the strain they had ordered and the only way they would know this is they where compared to a separate grow from two grows from the same ordered seeds by to different people from different parts of the world "note" watch out if you deside to buy
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